Community, Social and Legal Responsibility

  • To be aware of the continual support of our community resources and opportunities
  • To maintain a sustainable business model that reflects social responsibility
  • To comply with local, provincial and federal legal and regulatory requirements
  • To be responsible to our employees, clients, funding bodies and other stakeholders
  • To report waste, fraud, abuse, fiscal mismanagement or misappropriation of individual’s or KSCL’s funds as outlined in the policy and procedures
  • To protect the right to be free of reprisal
  • To avoid marketing activities that knowingly misleads or misinforms the public
  • To not sign or witness documents for persons receiving supports

Corporate Responsibility

  • To ensure all accounting practices are accurate and reflect KSCL’s transactions
  • To maintain adequate business insurance
  • To have respect and responsibility for the property of KSCL’s assets and equipment
  • To fairly represent KSCL’s quality of service in any contractual agreement

Respect for the Profession

  • To maintain the health and safety of those supported and employed by KSCL
  • To be dedicated to ongoing performance improvement and ensure identified outcomes are being met
  • To distinguish clearly between the roles of private citizens and responsibilities as an employee
  • To avoid any conflict of interest situations
  • To refuse any gift, favour or compensation that might be influential in preferential consideration
  • To strive for objectivity and maintain professional boundaries

Respect for the Workplace

  • To create and maintain a climate of loyalty, trust and mutual respect
  • To speak to everyone in a friendly, positive, respectful and courteous manner
  • To understand and appreciate diversity among colleagues
  • To respect possessions and property of clients, colleagues, family, friends and visitors

Violation of Ethical Codes

  • To comply with KSCL’s Code of Ethics
  • To be knowledgeable of and abide by KSCL’s policy and procedures
  • To never retaliate against anyone reporting something that goes against KSCL’s Code of Ethics
  • To carry out investigations in a timely manner and complete confidentiality
  • To resolve ethical dilemmas using a guide for moral decision-making
  • Respect for the Person Served
  • To safeguard the rights, dignity and worth of those supported by KSCL
  • Recognize the vulnerability of people we support and our professional obligation to protect them
  • To protect clients from abuse and neglect and actively seek to educate others
  • Recognize a client’s right to refuse, or express choice regarding their service
  • To actively seek input from clients to develop relevant program plans and individual goals
  • To inform clients of their rights, service delivery, confidentiality and access to records
  • To advocate on behalf of clients
  • To maintain confidentiality

Respect for the Employee

  • To uphold social justice and diversity
  • To respect the individuality of fellow employees
  • To commit to lifelong learning and upgrading to uphold our quality of service