Staff Residential Services

A residential staffed group home supports individuals with a variety of needs. The group home is owned and operated by the society and support is provided by staff 24 hours a day. Individuals may receive assistance with cooking, budgeting, personal care, laundry, recreation, daily living skills and employment. The program is designed to maximize their independence and participate as fully as possible in their home and in the community.

Supported Living

This is a a residential option that provides individuals living independently in the community with assistance in daily living. The individual controls the home through ownership, lease or rental. Supported Living services include outreach support, which provides targeted hourly support by the host agency to individuals through 1:1 staffing for personal care, medication administration and life skills.

Home Share (courtesy of

Home sharing is an arrangement where an adult with a developmental disability shares a home with someone who is contracted to provide ongoing support. The home is the primary residence of both the individual being supported and the person offering support. Homes may be owned or rented by the home share provider or by the individual requiring support.

In most situations, home sharing involves very close relationships. The individuals living in the residence share not only their physical space, but also their lives. The members of the home spend a lot of time together and are actively involved in one another’s daily activities. In other situations, the home sharing arrangement is characterized by more independent relationships. Members of the home generally go their own ways and come together at specific times for specific purposes.

Individuals tend to choose this option because it provides an ideal balance of support and independence. It is entirely person-centred in that it allows individuals to select a home sharing provider and home environment that meet their unique goals and preferences. Support is flexible and evolves according to the individual’s changing needs. For some, home sharing is a stepping-stone to even greater independence. For others, it is an arrangement that will last for many years.

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