At the annual Christmas party, long-term full time and part time employees are honored for their contribution to KDCL and supported individuals. If you have been with us for five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years or more you will receive a monetary gift for years of service.


Each year our employees are given an opportunity to recognize their peers.

The three awards available are:

  • Rising Star Award recognizes an individual with less than five years experience at KSCL who demonstrates great achievements, accomplishments, early success, commitment and promise as a future leader in the social service sector.  This trailblazer “lights the community on fire”
  • Hero Award recognizes someone who goes the extra mile to make a difference in our services at KSCL
  • Leader Award recognizes an individual with more than five years experience at KSCL who is in a leadership role and mentors a team in order to achieve a common goal


KSCL offers all employees (permanent full -time, part-time and casual) $30 per year for any program, workshop, class, equipment etc. that promotes wellness. A discount in the initial fee or monthly dues at a local fitness facility is offered to all of our employees. We encourage you to take advantage of this discount whenever your lifestyle permits. Please submit this expense on a KSCL expense form to the Finance Coordinator.


KSCL hosts an annual employee appreciation recognizing all of the dedication and hard work that all employees have brought to the organization over the year. Each year something different is planned and is offered to all KSCL employees.


All employees are invited to attend our annual Christmas event. Past events have included dinner and dancing. This is a festive evening for al who attend and offers a great chance to make new friends within KSCL